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Adolescence is such a confusing and challenging time for both teens and their parents. With so many new pressures, increased freedoms and unchartered boundaries to navigate, it is not uncommon to notice adolescents responding or reacting in questionable and sometimes unhealthy ways. While some of the struggles teens face are a normal part of growing up, their behavior, academic performance, mood or attitude may be of concern to you. New problems can arise and old issues can seem to resurface. Therapy can help. Through the counseling process, your teen can learn to better understand him or herself, recognize and change problematic behavior, find new and healthier ways to solve and manage problems and improve communication and their relationships with others. Providing your teen with therapeutic support can help you both reconnect, rediscover joy within yourselves and one another, and can encourage them to take those crucial steps paramount in adolescence to lay the foundation for a functional, healthy adult life.

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