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I believe strongly in parents being therapeutic partners. Let's face it, no matter how difficult the issues are that you and your child are currently facing, and no matter how overwhelmed or uncertain you might feel as a parent, no one knows your child better than you. YOU are the expert on YOUR child! Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is built on the foundation that you (and your relationship with your child) can serve as the therapeutic agent of change for the problems your child may be experiencing or exhibiting. Whether it be anger, sadness, nervousness, insecurity, family problems, big changes, misbehavior, hyperactivity, tantrums or other difficulties, CPRT can help. CPRT is a 10 week group approach in which parents of children, typically ages 2–10, come together to learn from and with one another. The goal of CPRT is to enhance and strengthen your relationship with your child through improved family interactions, problem solving skills, increased affections, warmth and trust. You will be equipped with the skills child play therapists use in their therapy sessions; you will learn how to reflect your child's feelings, help them develop positive self-direction, learn how to set limits for inappropriate behavior to build good coping skills and help your child learn how to express themselves in acceptable ways. Parents will have opportunities to practice these skills and will receive feedback, support and guidance in the context of a safe, reassuring, supportive and nonthreatening group environment. Through education and instruction, demonstrations, videos, role-play and supervision, parents participating in CPRT groups enjoy enhanced sensitivity to their child, a new understanding of the child and their behaviors and create environments in which children explore other, more appropriate ways of relating to their parents. If you are interested in participating in a CPRT group, please speak to your therapist for a referral.

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