It is not easy to ask for help. Sometimes we wait until our problems feel so big and overwhelming that we are not sure what to do next. I understand the reservation, fear and uncertainty that can accompany your decision to pursue therapy, but taking this step is a lot to be proud of. Upon meeting me, you will notice that my therapy style is relaxed, collaborative, sensitive and respectful. I will listen to you, encourage you, challenge you and support you through any issues you choose to discuss and explore. Whether it be a new issue, a past trauma, a difficult emotion, a strenuous problem, a challenging relationship, a loss, an unmet goal or just needing someone to listen; we will work together, taking the steps you choose towards change you feel comfortable with. Through our therapeutic relationship, I will help you increase your self awareness, courage and ability to manage life's difficulties. I bring patience, compassion and insight to our work together, all in the spirit of guiding you towards the life and resolution that you desire.