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Attempting to parent when your relationship with your child is strained is like attempting to push a boulder up a mountain...strenuous, fruitless, exhausting and frustrating. However, it is never too late to take steps towards repairing and healing the relationship. Attachment work in a therapeutic setting can bring joy back to families in distress, help families establish strong and healthy connections or help new families establish close bonds. You and your child will engage in playful and fun combinations of activities that focus on your child's unique needs for structure, engagement, nurture and/or challenge. The work is both enjoyable and powerful; your child will feel secure, cared for, connected to you and worthy, which in turn, improves their mood, attitude and behaviors. When the relationship improves, the interactions improve! Attachment work can help you learn to delight in your difficult child once again, and/or it can be an effective tool in helping you and yourchild find new levels of powerful interconnectedness.

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